Sunday, June 3, 2012

From my old live journal in 2008

talking with sam today 
Sam - Want Cocobar?

Mom - First breakfast then cocobar. Waffles or fruit?

Sam - Want cocobar (screaming now)

Dad - Cereal?

Sam - Momm said wapples!!!!!!!!!!!!

mom - Ok want waffles!


Mom - first breafast then coco bar. waffles or fruit

Sam - Wapples..... and syrup

yay! of course daddy had to make them since now mommy said no coco bar. he ate his waffles and now happily stimming with his horse

fyi coco bars are not candy bars but snack/cereal bars that are gf/cf and he LOVES them

Another post

like last night sam asked "my heart in there?" while pointing to my chest. he meant to say "your heart " Im sure but none the less...the moment was amazing. I just wish he could tell me he loves me...i tell him and he ssays "hanksss mum"(thanks mom)

It is amazing how far we have come. but with the drama here today i am reminded how far we still have to go.