Thursday, June 21, 2012

One Foot

I want so badly to write a happy post, I do. I feel like sometimes people think my life is always horrible. It isn't I promise. I am just a control freak who likes to micro manage the world around me. I get upset when things aren't my kind of right or perfect.
My friend has a great saying "avoid the wrecking ball at all costs" well....
Easier said than done my friend...easier said than done. However it's just one foot in front of the other
You see, the issue with a wrecking ball is it starts out small. By the time it's this giant mammoth of destruction you have gotten so use to it that it's too late. It's hard to see it with blinders on.

So back to that happy post. I woke up today to some unexpected stuff. While that is downloading and processing I will leave you with this.

This is where Dan found Sam the other day. In , yes IN, the dog food bag with a bag of chips.