Monday, March 17, 2014

The Rice Experiment

We did this at home
we did some things differently however.
we used the same size glass mason jars.We sterilized each one as well as their lids and collars.
I boiled the rice and placed the same amount in each jar. We covered it until it cooled and then placed the lids and collars on.

the first 2 weeks there was no mold at all. I was wondering if maybe the original experiment had worked simply because of contamination. Admittedly, we were not very good about saying things to the jars.
We got better about paying attention and speaking to the jars.
A small spot of mold developed on the I hate you jar directly in the middle.
Then some sad / negative issues came about.
suddenly We noticed both the I love you jar as well as the I hate you jar began to show signs of some mold.

4 weeks later.

The I hate you jar was covered in thick green and black mold.
The I love you jar never molded more than that small amount.
The ignore jar was not moldy but had become dried up and shrunken.