M.I.S. Challenge

1. Give up something bad for you. 

I originally thought I would cut all sugar but that seems a little overwhelming right now. I chose to eliminate fast food french fries. I don't have them often but I do adore them.

2. Eat as close to the fresh food as possible. no canned or frozen foods. Keep it as organic as your budget will allow! 

This was super easy again. Since we make just about everything from scratch here already.  did really well with the challenge today. I didn't eat any fast food. Tonight for supper I made ribs, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, orange slices, garden fresh lettuce and organic cukes. I made my own salad dressing with avacado oil and ACV and my own BBQ sauce.

3. Veggies with every meal.

I usually include a fruit with each meal every day, including my snacks. Breakfast was a little harder to follow the challenge.  I made some sauteed veggies and added them to my eggs served up with plantain bread,cheese  and peach salsa. Grain free socca bread made an awesome grilled cheese. served it with sweet potato for lunch! Grilled chicken with grilled veggies for dinner and a salad. 

4. Make healthy choices

Surrounded by all sorts of junk food. I decided to bring my own GF pasta dish made with tons of fresh veggies and whole foods. 

5. No Convenience Meals

Again another thing I can do no problem. We don't eat stuff like that normally. Though for a minute I was tempted to order in tonight.

6. Today, simplify what you're consuming by creating an amazing meal with ten or less ingredients!

Delicious dinner of Grilled pork with pineapple and ginger. baked potatoes and a salad with avocado oil and acv.

7. No microwave for your meals.

No problem. We don't really use ours often.  Especially now that we have the keurig we can get hot water that way.

8. Make sure you're drinking enough water today! 8 glasses of water is a good place to start, but remember this could be too much or too little for you, so modify as needed.

Since I am nursing I drink a ton of water. I always have water with me no matter where I am. It's also all I drink other than my morning coffee. No soda or juice usually.

9.For today's challenge temporarily downsize your kitchen. Downsize your cooking utensils, pans, etc. to only ten important cooking pieces (the stove and fridge are not considered part of your pieces, neither is serveware). Only cook using these ten items.

Large Cast Iron Skillet, can opener, large knife, large spoon, pot holder, measuring cup, and keurig 

10. Today's challenge: Try to go a day with eating uncooked foods (but be safe about it!). This doesn't mean to eat a raw burger. Instead, we're talking about items that don't require the oven, stove, or microwave. Such as ready to go chicken salad or fresh raw vegetables and fruit. The goal today is to experience what it would be like if you did not have the convenience of the oven or microwave available to you. If going the whole day is a bit tough for you, try doing it for only one meal.

I made it the entire day. 
Breakfast was sunshine flowers  with cantaloupe and Mediterranean  yogurt.
Lunch was PBJ  in a cup
Dinner I was worried about. Here is what I came up with. Canned salmon, cherry tomatoes, banana flower, mozzarella, avocado, fresh basil, fresh greans , lemon juice, salt, and crushed ranch chips from Late July.  

11. Create a healthy meal using only 10 ingredients total. This includes spices. If you decide to use something that is already prepared, then every item listed in the ingredients counts as one ingredient towards the ten allotted. We're only referring to pre-prepared items here, such Boxed Dinners, Spaghetti Sauce, Soups, etc. Use your judgement when deciding whether an item should be counted as only one ingredient, or as many.

Breakfast was cream of rice with cream and cinnamon.

 Lunch was Brown rice pasta (3) with butter(2) and raw milk cheddar cheese (1 I am not counting each cheese ingredient because you need them all to make cheese) garlic powder (3) So Far So Good

12. Today's challenge is less of a food one but instead one to help you save time and money in the long run. Plan your meals in advance for the next three days. Either plan all meals for the next three days (breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner) or just plan dinner for the next three days. And then stick with it.

Friday- eggs-yogurt-celery w peanut butter, raisins and cheddar cheese- tortillas and salsa- leftovers
Saturday- oat bars - fresh berries and cream- pancakes- green beans with ranch- chicken salads 
Sunday - breakfast out for a treat- cookies-  burgers with fruit- kids choice- chops,m. potatoes, peas

13.14. For today's challenge we're going to help you stick with your planned meals (from yesterday's challenge) by giving you a double challenge (so you will not receive a challenge tomorrow). Steer clear of fast food for the next two days. This includes popular drive thru joints, walk up counters, etc. If you have to go to a restaurant, opt for the meals that include lots of veggies, and skip the fried stuff.

Hubby and I used a gift certificate we had for a local restaurant  I skipped the fried calamari and chose sangria (fruit) I ordered tenderloins with two veggies and it was awesome. Still holding up my end without buying fast food.

15. Try a new recipe, a new dish, or use a new ingredient in your meals.

I have been trying out recipes on the  purelytwins facebook page. loving all of them really.  I tried my hand at a new GF brownie recipe. It was awesome! I bought something new called "coconut butter" it's the most yummy thing i have ever had. it's so tasty and it was really great on my gluten free grahams.
16. Your challenge for the day is create a meal using 8 ingredients or less. 

I enjoyed the mozzarella, basil, lemon, tomato meal so much I made that again with a splash of lemon and some grilled chicken.
17.   If you tend to eat around midnight or so (get peckish while watching TV), today try to cut out the midnight snack. Or opt for something healthy (fruit, veggies, etc.).

Because I am nursing I am hungry a lot. I chose some raspberries and cream for late night snack tonight
18. try to remove 5 items from your kitchen. Donate these items, recycle them, give them to a friend, etc. But make sure that by the end of the day you've removed at least five items.

I removed the extra plastic kids plates that seem to somehow multiply while I am not looking :/

19. By the end of the day, try to declutter at least 10 food items (unhealthy, expired, inedible items you know you don't need around) from your fridge, cabinet, or pantry.

Because of the way i run my household we don't have stuff on the shelves we don't use. We did have some regular pasta that I passed on to someone who needed it. I do a pantry challenge every 6 month. I don't shop for 6-8 weeks and use up what I have canned, frozen, bottled, and stored. I cleaned out my fridge and got rid of all the small pieces of wrapped things that no one remembers. some may or may not have grown legs. I clean my fridge almost every week but had slacked off recently.

20. For today we're going to do a very quick challenge! Today, incorporate some green veggies into one of your meals.

 I can't eat a lot of green veggies because of my kidneys. I get ridiculous stones from kale, and that makes me sad. I did however enjoy some broccoli and snap peas today!

21. Your challenge for the day is create a meal using 6 ingredients or less!

ground beef, salt, lettuce, lemon, tomato, and cheese

22. Time to declutter again! Today, try removing five more items from your kitchen. The five items can be anything. From pots & pans, to plates, to silverware, etc. Just five items.

I went through my utensil container and tossed two spoons I set on fire a while back, a broken pair of tongs, and two chipped plates.

23.For today, we want you to only consume food that you know. This means, take a close look at the labels. If a food item lists an ingredient you have now idea what it is, it's time to either do some research or skip on eating the item.

I don't ever eat anything weird that I don't know what it is. Mostly everything we eat tends to be fresh or real foods.
I did not recieve a challenge today

25. Double Challenge! We accidentally missed yesterday, so we're giving you a 2 day challenge today. First, go the next 2 days without using a microwave. For an even harder challenge, avoid using anything from the freezer or foods that are already prepared.

This was near impossible since I buy meats on sale and use them in my menus. other than using frozen chicken (plain frozen chicken) and the leftover turkey I froze a few months ago. I don't like to use the microwave if I can help it so that part was easy.

26. Today's challenge is to declutter 3 items that only serve one purpose and rarely get used. For example, you can see the "Cheese Slicer" used in the below tip.
I don't have a lot of these things. the things I do have that serve a single purpose are specialty items that I use at least once a week. I need to really look maybe I can find something?

ETA found a set of taco holders that I didnt know I had.
27. Today's Challenge: On day one we asked you to give up one junk food item for the length of this challenge. Today, eliminate 3 more junk food items from your diet (and for the rest of this challenge).

I don't really eat bad for you stuff. Though I did cave today and got fries for the big kids and of course I had to have a few.
I don't drink soda or juice. i don't eat candy or other junk food. I guess I need to give up my unjunked M&Ms? I will give up sugar in my coffee as well. I think I like my honey better anyway.

28. Today's Challenge (Day 28): Only 2 days left in the challenge!! Your challenge for the day is create a meal using 4 ingredients or less!

plantain bread (2) egg(1) and tomatoes(1)

29. Today's Challenge: We've got one day left! Try to remove 5 more items from your cabinets or drawers

I went through my glass shelf today and removed all the jars that sat up there. I hoard glass jars for storage and I just had too many. I kept just three kinds.

30. Today's Challenge: For today, let's do a combination of things from our previous challenges. Try going without a microwave, no fast food, and incorporate lots of veggies today. That should be pretty easy, right?

I eat veggies like it's my job most days. No fast food (I made fiesta bowls to take to the park even)  and of course I don't use the microwave.