Tuesday, April 15, 2014

For Direction

Daniel and I have some major choices that we are trying to make. We are praying for discernment and fasting for answers. Not because we feel that it has to be done this way but because we believe God has put this on our hearts for holy week.

Easter is coming. The bright light at the end of Lent and I CANNOT WAIT.

I gave up any and all alcohol during holy week. Last night was a tough night. The kids were crazy. The floors that I vacuumed and mopped were covered in dirt from teens that didn't wipe their feet after digging out a project for me. I am behind in laundry. I am stressed about money. I am stressed about Dan's work.

I prayed furiously for direction last night. I felt as though I was spinning out of control and ready to crash. Too many plates spinning at once inside my head that they would all inevitably crash.

I woke to these lyrics today from Mandisa

"So just hold tight, fix your eyes
On the one who holds your life
There's nothing He can't do
He's telling you

(Take a breath, don't forget
Hang on to His promises)
You're an overcomer"

and this

ok God. Thanks.