Thursday, January 17, 2013

Friends who Pray

January 17, 2013

I am stressed and frustrated. Nesting has taken over and it is making me nutty. Add the stress of not being able to move around because of hip pain, Dan having to work constantly, depression, OCD , and the stress of knowing CPS could show up any day now. I am a mess.

Sam is too. His anxiety has skyrocketed again, as it always seems to this time of year. He is struggling with friends at school, family at home, and just life in general.

I have a few very close and very dear friends that have been praying for us and just knowing that makes such a difference. I am so glad to have friends that love me enough to spend a moment thinking about me, when I am quite certain they have other things to worry about. I hope they know what blessings they are to me. It's such a privileged to know them.