Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coach P

Sam learning the penetration step 
Sam has wrestling on Tuesday and Thursday nights. He came off the bus in a very dark mood and was stressing everyone out. I could tell he was stressed out and I wasn't sure there was much I was going to be able to do to fix it.

Then I remembered it was a wrestling night. Sam perked up and got ready for his class. He LOVES  Coach P.  Sam talks about him more than any other person. He says things he has heard the coach say like  "cut your nails or paint them" He always follows it with "Coach was just kidding". He enjoys the hour or so being part of the team without the pressure of an actual team sport. It's one of the best things about wrestling for Sam. We tried other sports but they just were not the right fit. THIS is.

I am so grateful that Coach P gave Sam a chance to be part of something bigger than he is. The passion Coach has for this sport has an effect of Sam. It makes him want it more.  Sam struggles with understanding emotions and learns  to process them by watching others, over and over and over. Coach P is easy for Sammy to read and so Sam feels safe.

It takes a really special person to coach, even more so to coach a kid like Sam. I am so grateful for Coach P.