Monday, January 28, 2013

Someone Should Have Told Me

Someone should have told me how hard this would be. How hard it is to watch your child spiral into a meltdown while you"re stuck helpless. 

No one told me what this trip to Holland was like.
Not the good, the bad , or the ugly.

The truth it  some days it just sucks and there isn't a damn thing you can do. Some days it's like getting caught in a downpour 2 blocks from home. Some days its like dropping your ice cream cone 5 minutes after you bought it.

Then there are moments when you hear about another family in Holland making great strides. You see them  moving forward and you see the success, the pride, and it screams to you as if it were your own. Because you love all these kids, simply because they remind you of the potential of your own. Because these children give you hope for tomorrow on the days when you would rather curl up on the floor and cry. Because being in Holland is hard, but you are never alone. Thank God you are never really alone.

On days like today when the world just feels so unfair I am focusing on the hope I see around me, because tonight it's what I've got.... and that is better than nothing