Friday, November 1, 2013

A Friend for Sammy

Sam showing off his Silly Face

Sam has a new friend. This little girl seems to totally get him. Every morning she comes to the gate and walks with him to his bus stop. J's mom meets them at the other corner and stays with them at the stop until the bus comes.

Those of you with kids like Sam know how huge this is.

She knows he is different and quirky and she likes that about him. She helps him without being condescending or rude. She assumes he can unless he says he can't.

They had a fight last week. Sam was able to talk to her about the issue in very concrete terms and they sorted it out between them. No parent facilitation at all. Which for Sam was huge. Just two kids figuring it out without parents in a healthy functional way. I could have exploded with how proud I was of them!

Today she met him at the door and remind him "Sam , don't forget today is gym. *pause*So grab your sneakers." She knows how Sam feels about sneakers and she was so matter of fact about it. No judgement. No stress.

The shocker


He turned around, put on his sneakers, and walked out the door.
No Tears

Except from me.