Thursday, January 31, 2013

I got it

I got some awesome hugs and cuddles from Sam yesterday. It didn't last long, and it wasn't much, but it was SOMETHING.

I didn't ask him to come over and love me, but he chose to come over. he snuggle next to me. He said I was warm and soft. That is a giant improvement from the last time where he told me I was fat and squishy!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Forced Connections

Sam doesn't want to cuddle. He won't hug me. Right now he hates the world, including me.

Having a child that won't let you touch him is one of the most painful things ever. To want, desperately,  to hold your child and not be able to, breaks you inside. He doesn't really hate me. I know that, but my heart aches to hold him and connect with him, somehow. I just want to wrap my arms around him and make him feel safe. He gets this way when his world is out of control. He pulls in like a snail or a hermit crab. I know it isn't me, but I can't help but feel slighted.
I love that boy.

Today I pushed it. I hugged him. He wasn't thrilled and he just stood with his arms by his side. He didn't smile, but he didn't cry. He didn't run either. I told him I loved him.

Tonight he placed his hand on my arm and just smiled at me. That was it, one quick moment. Just a blink of an eye. It was worth the risk this morning, just to have that moment tonight.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coach P

Sam learning the penetration step 
Sam has wrestling on Tuesday and Thursday nights. He came off the bus in a very dark mood and was stressing everyone out. I could tell he was stressed out and I wasn't sure there was much I was going to be able to do to fix it.

Then I remembered it was a wrestling night. Sam perked up and got ready for his class. He LOVES  Coach P.  Sam talks about him more than any other person. He says things he has heard the coach say like  "cut your nails or paint them" He always follows it with "Coach was just kidding". He enjoys the hour or so being part of the team without the pressure of an actual team sport. It's one of the best things about wrestling for Sam. We tried other sports but they just were not the right fit. THIS is.

I am so grateful that Coach P gave Sam a chance to be part of something bigger than he is. The passion Coach has for this sport has an effect of Sam. It makes him want it more.  Sam struggles with understanding emotions and learns  to process them by watching others, over and over and over. Coach P is easy for Sammy to read and so Sam feels safe.

It takes a really special person to coach, even more so to coach a kid like Sam. I am so grateful for Coach P.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Someone Should Have Told Me

Someone should have told me how hard this would be. How hard it is to watch your child spiral into a meltdown while you"re stuck helpless. 

No one told me what this trip to Holland was like.
Not the good, the bad , or the ugly.

The truth it  some days it just sucks and there isn't a damn thing you can do. Some days it's like getting caught in a downpour 2 blocks from home. Some days its like dropping your ice cream cone 5 minutes after you bought it.

Then there are moments when you hear about another family in Holland making great strides. You see them  moving forward and you see the success, the pride, and it screams to you as if it were your own. Because you love all these kids, simply because they remind you of the potential of your own. Because these children give you hope for tomorrow on the days when you would rather curl up on the floor and cry. Because being in Holland is hard, but you are never alone. Thank God you are never really alone.

On days like today when the world just feels so unfair I am focusing on the hope I see around me, because tonight it's what I've got.... and that is better than nothing

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hot Chocolate

There are very few things that can calm Sammy when he gets super worked up. Television is one of them, the other... Hot Chocolate.

Thank God for Hot chocolate. I made him a cup yesterday during one of his meltdowns and it was INSTANT calm.

It's going to be my new secret weapon. Should i buy stock in Hershey maybe?

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Tyler was able to return to the mat today for wrestling. I, of course, was a a nervous wreck. I prayed incessantly before , during, and after ever match. This was a big deal tournament today. It was Vocational States.

Tyler's first match he won by points. The second match he pulled out a spectacular win. Everyone around us was amazed and thrilled he won the match.

He fought a valiant fight in his third match, but he lost. He made no errors and he truly did his absolute best. The things is, so did the other kid, his opponent's best was just... better. It's a hard lesson to learn, but a rather  important one for sure.

I am beyond proud of my boy. He brought everything he had and he fought with every last bit of it.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Nap Time

The days are long and the evenings seem to last forever. I find myself counting down the minutes until I have some free time after all the kids go to sleep. Since starting our ticket for TV program Sam goes to bed , in his bed, alone. After all it's worth 2 tickets.  Nate is out cold the second his head hits the pillow and grace is often right behind him.
It isn't much but it's better than nothing.

I realized today how grateful I am for nap time. Grace falls asleep, Nate gets a T.V. show, and I get to relax for an hour. Grace likes to nap next to me so catching up on housework isn't really an option. I could put her somewhere else but I don't really want to. It won't be long before Squish is here taking up my time as weell as my arms. I am choosing to enjoy each moment of this right now.
It goes by so fast

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have been feeling pretty isolated lately. Sam and Nate are at each others throats every time I take them anywhere , so leaving the house with everyone just isn't an option really. My teens have been sulky and have not wanted to help much lately. I am 35+ weeks pregnant and feeling very stressed. Grace has been super clingy as well. My house is a mess because I just cant get it done anymore. Dan is stressed trying to work two jobs, so I can't really talk to him about anything , because well, he has enough to deal with on his own right now.

I feel isolated, alone, and frustrated. I hate feeling this way. Its hard for me to do bedtime, dinner clean up, next day prep, homework with Sammy, nurse grace to bed, and write. That's a good day. Add to that behaviors for Sammy, wrestling matches, practice, Nate, Sam and Grace missing daddy and it's a recipe for a nervous breakdown. I feel like all my time is spend worrying about everyone but me. It makes me feel like I am completely isolated , which makes me feel sad, which makes me feel selfish, which makes me feel guilty.

It's hard to give 100% all the time, even when you don't want to. I acknowledge that this is what I have chosen for my life and as a result I need to suck it up and just keep going. I just can't figure out how I am going to be able to keep my head down and push forward when Squish gets here. I have to find time to make some freezer meals, find a place for another baby dresser, and get everything all set for when I am in the hospital having baby.

It's times like this that all I have to lean back on is my faith. I truly believe that as crappy as things are right now, it will get better and it will be OK.  I am so grateful that I am able to hold fast to the help and love of Jesus through all of this, because if I didn't have that, I likely wouldn't be here. It would have ended many years ago at Jones Beach. If it weren't for my faith , the love of God, an angel, and a miracle, I wouldn't be here writing. Sam, Nate, Grace, and Squish would not be here.

I am just grateful tonight that no matter how dark it gets right now, it will never be as dark as that afternoon on Jones Beach.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good Choices

 Today is the anniversary of Roe vs Wade and it is no secret that we are very firmly pro life  in every way. 

I can understand the difficult decisions many women face and I don't judge those women in  any way. I feel sad that they were ever in that position. 18 Years ago I found myself in that very position. I was going to start my senior year of high school, I wasn't even 17 yet. I knew a few girls that had gotten abortions in my class. I thought about it for a split second, but I knew it was a baby and I knew I couldn't do it

All these years later I have an amazing boy that is going to very soon be an adult because I chose to have him.

It was the hardest choice I have ever made. It changed the trajectory of my entire life. It hasn't been easy . It has often been unpleasant and brutal and more difficult than I could have ever imagined. 

However, the rewards have been even greater. My son is an amazing kid. I am so unbelievably proud of him and I KNOW without any doubt that I made the right choice. I may not have been able to go to college like I had planned , or join the air force, or even just gone to a graduation party like everyone else my age. But this surpasses all of that in ways you can't possibly imagine. 

Monday, January 21, 2013


I have a teeny tiny obsession. No really teeny tiny... and fluffy. No it isn't a kitten or puppy . It's fluffy baby diapers. I love cloth diapers.

 I received a bunch of them for Squish this weekend and a gift certificate to buy more. I have spent hours trolling through the site trying to decide what to get Squish. I am beyond thrilled. I can barely stand it. My mom even made me the most adorable diaper cake, but instead of all the paper baby diapers it was made with cloth prefolds. super cute.

I didn't get any pictured of the party so I hope someone did. I am in fluffy heaven.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I am blessed to have an incredible family. They understand my crazy and love me anyway.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another Day

Sometimes the only thing you can be grateful for is that the day is over and tomorrow you can try again...

until then. God willing


I feel defeated. Sam has been extremely difficult to deal with.He is belligerent for hours on end and he just sits there spewing his garbage at me constantly  Its a barrage of trash talk and it really wears on a person. I work really hard to be positive. Dan is never home so I have zero back up and when he is home he is so tired I  still don't really have back up. I am just spent right now in ways that you can't even imagine unless you have a child like Sam. It's getting to the point where it's hard to like him and that breaks my heart. I love that boy more than anything, but it is really hard to like someone that tells you you're stupid and that they hate you 10,000 times a day. Every request that is made of him lately is met with "you're not the boss of me, you're the boss of you, and I am the boss of me stupid" I know most of that (minus the stupid) is just a script he learned at school to help teach him not to try to control friends choices, but someone missed something with him on it. This isn't your typical autistic meltdown of *I can't handle what is going on right now so I freak out" this is more *how hurtful can I be towards the people around me, even though I know it's wrong*
He is completely aware that what he is saying and doing is not OK. He knows it is hurtful. He just doesn't care

I am just tired and spent and I feel so isolated and alone right now. I know it will get better. I know this is part of the deal. I know that  holding on to our behavior plans and being consistent are the key. Is it so bad for me to wish it wasn't so damn hard all the time? To just wish we didn't have to struggle and fight our way through this

I try not to personify and vilify autism as something bad because it's part of my kid. It's just part of what makes him who he is.But just for today, just for this moment, I really wish I could punch autism in the face.
I know if it's coming out this way from him, it must be worse on the inside. It's impossible to see your kid hurt and not feel broken inside too.
For today I have had enough

Friday, January 18, 2013


Aj and Sam were home today because our school district had an in service day. Sam has not been easy to manage lately and it is really hard to handle him myself. I was frustrated and stressed out and so very tired. 

AJ cleaned the entire kitchen for me, spic and span  and completely spotless! He volunteered to watch the boys for me and Grace while I napped, and helped me put away laundry.

These days people are often complaining about their teenagers and how miserable they are. I am pretty blessed to have great teens.  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Friends who Pray

January 17, 2013

I am stressed and frustrated. Nesting has taken over and it is making me nutty. Add the stress of not being able to move around because of hip pain, Dan having to work constantly, depression, OCD , and the stress of knowing CPS could show up any day now. I am a mess.

Sam is too. His anxiety has skyrocketed again, as it always seems to this time of year. He is struggling with friends at school, family at home, and just life in general.

I have a few very close and very dear friends that have been praying for us and just knowing that makes such a difference. I am so glad to have friends that love me enough to spend a moment thinking about me, when I am quite certain they have other things to worry about. I hope they know what blessings they are to me. It's such a privileged to know them.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fairhaven Police

January 16, 2013

My darling boy Nate left the house this afternoon. He didn't say a word to anyone. He came in and said the police wanted to speak with me. Apparently my darling boy decided to get Sammy at the bus stop...alone. We have been talking lately about how important it is to help Sammy  and set a good example. I think he really felt he was helping.
I had the police speak to him and he was mortified. He told me he was sorry and hugged me. I am still shocked it happened. I am so grateful for the FPD for making sure my boy was safe. Thankfully we live in a very quiet area, with wonderful families. I am pretty sure if the PD hadn't brought him home one of the neighbors would have. It's scary because anything could have happened. The PD was great about it but I don't doubt a meeting with the Department of Social Services is in my future. I assume it must be protocol. I don't have anything to hide, but I have baggage.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dance Parties

January 15, 2013
 Some days just suck. So, we just have to find a silver lining...

and here it is

Monday, January 14, 2013

Routine Routine Routine and "the Pants"

January 14, 2013

Even for Holidays Sam wears "the pants"

Anyone who has any real contact with kids like Sam knows routine is the key to success. We use to have terrible mornings and it took me until the end of last year to get it. I gave up on socks and underwear (only after I was assured there is no medical reason for them) I went and got him clothes he would absolutely wear and let go of everything he fought me on. I followed the same exact routine everyday.

1. Call him from my room. Seeing me the second he opens his eyes is apparently too much. I can only say "Sam time to wake up buddy" It has to be what he calls my watery voice (softly said , high tone, sing song sort of thing)

2. I must give him about 5 minutes. Despite having a clock in his room he hasn't gotten the concept yet so I can use the wiggle room here.

3. Go in, remind him its time to get up  in my watery voice and rub his back. kiss his nose, just his nose and remind him he has clothes in his organizer. Sam will ask what is for breakfast. Sam will ask what specialty is for today. Sam will ask if it is raining.

4. He will strip off his jams and go pee. We are working on this step.Sam will ask what is for breakfast. Sam will ask what specialty is for today. Sam will ask if it is raining.

5. Sam gets dressed. If it's a gym day he only wears his blue pants. If it's art or music he will wear the red or black pairs.Sam will ask what is for breakfast. Sam will ask what specialty is for today. Sam will ask if it is raining.

6. Breakfast.

7.  Shoes. Only slip on, only black, no socks. They must be under the bench or Sam will be upset.

8. Backpack. Check lunch. Sam will ask what is for lunch. Sam will ask what specialty is for today. Sam will ask if it is raining.

9. Coat. and ready to go.  Sam will ask what is for lunch. Sam will ask what specialty is for today. Sam will ask if it is raining.

10. Sam runs ahead of me to the bus stop. He crosses in front of me at the corner and runs to the next corner. He waits for his bus.

Today I screwed up. His pants were in the dryer still since he needed the blue ones (gym day) nothing else would do. They would have been all set but the dryer never actually got turned on. I gave him his oatmeal and went to get the pants. I had to fold the entire laundry load (Sam isn't the only one in this house who follows a routine) I came back up and sam hadn't eaten a single bite. His reason.

"Breakfast is for after pants mom."
 We almost missed the bus. Maybe we need to work on flexibility?

Sunday, January 13, 2013


January 13, 2013

Today is the thirteenth. I love that number. I was born on a 13 and so was my second boy! It's always been super lucky for me so No fear there at all.

I  went grocery shopping in under an hour (it was crazy in Market Basket)My family will eat this week 3 meals and 2 snacks each day for under 100$. I spent my day setting things up for the week. I baked a bunch of stuff for Sammy's snacks for the week.  I packaged my Bone broth I made in gallon freezer bags (with help from AJ). I made dinner. I made a menu. I am so glad that I have the ability to do this for my family. My husband works so hard to make ends meet, I feel bad sometimes. This is my contribution to our house.

I don't want the kids to ever feel like they miss out on things simply because we don't have a ton of money. So I make it work.

I make my own bread (thank you MMIL for the bread maker)
I make all of our snacks, cookies, cakes, and treats.
I reuse what I can.
I cook in bulk to save me time and energy.
We don't eat a ton of meat in our house. I Love it, don't get me wrong but I think as Americans we tend to go overboard on that stuff.
No one complains really. Though I would really love a good thick juicy steak sometimes.

I work hard to be as thrifty as I am and I really feel like it is one of the gifts God has given me. It makes me feel blessed to be able to bless my family like this.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Larger Screen

January 12, 2013

We have a bigger TV now. It was given to us by family that we adore. It's giant and Sam can't seem to stop touching it. He can't wait to play minecraft on it. If only he could keep himself together long enough to earn the darn Minecraft time. Tomorrow is yet another day and I am hoping it's a good one. Dan has to work all day so it's me and the kids. Wish us luck

Friday, January 11, 2013

Knowing You

January 11, 2013

I am so glad I know you the way I do.

I can watch those storm clouds roll over your face as the internal countdown begins to explosion  Sometimes I catch it soon enough to head it off at the pass. Sometimes I don't.
It's been as bad as ever and it hurts my heart. I see how hard you struggle and how much work just the little things can be for you. I know this life isn't easy for you. I know that you work harder than I can imagine. I know still waters run deep and there must be so much inside your head that I just can't reach.
It hurts me to see you struggle with disappointments and unexpected changes.

But moments like this afternoon when I asked you to dance in the kitchen are worth it. When you wrap your arms around me and hum just a few notes as you rock with me. You told me you loved me like a banana. I haven't hear that in so long. God must have known how badly I needed it from you after the week we had. You asked me for a cookie, I always give you three but today I gave you four. You smiled at me, eyes sparkling, and said "You gave me four, it's because you love me!" you hugged me again and ran off to nibble your cookies. I just soaked in the moment, because it is always gone too quickly.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


January 10, 2013

I woke up and came downstairs today to a sink full of dishes and a full dishwasher. A clear sign my oldest boy had chosen to skip his chores. It's a known pet peeve of mine and it took everything I had to not come unglued. I may or may not have even burst into tears at least once, to which Grace responded by kissing me.

Sam has been spewing negativity in wild tangents that go on for 15-20 minutes at a time. It really wears on you after while.

II have been listening to my Dale Thomas CD and so all morning I kept hearing "it's your choice" in my head. Now I am not so sure of how much is really my choice and how much is simple bio chemistry that creates OCD. I took a bunch of deep breaths and relaxed and decided to just start at the beginning and go from there. I got the kitchen cleaned up and finally had my cup of coffee at 10am.  Needless to say it wasn't the best morning.

I didn't feel very blessed. I just felt tired and frustrated. I felt like once again I came up short because I should be able to somehow do it all, even 8 months pregnant. I somehow have this ridiculous idea that I should be Donna Reed. Grace was cranky and I was edgy and I kept trying to make the choice to keep it together and count my blessings.
I didn't want to write about feeling gratitude or feeling blessed. I wanted to wallow.

then I saw THIS post on Facebook and my perspective changed. Here I was feeling sorry for myself over a sink full of dishes and a facebook friend had lost her son. Her 8 year old son. He suffered through debilitating pain and illness for way longer than anyone should ever have to, never mind a child.

So today I am grateful that I can hug and kiss all my kids even when they don't do their chores, Even when they leave their stuff on the floor, Even when they roll their eyes and talk back because my kids are all still here.  We all know it can change in a moment.

If you can, take a moment and say a prayer for Kyle's family.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


January 9, 2013

Our oldest boy wrestles and I know I have mentioned before how very good at it he is. It's a rough sport for sure and injuries happen. We knew that going in.

Tyler is an Aspie and has learned a ton of great social coping skills  to the point where most people have no idea. He hides behind humor and silliness and it is one of the MANY things I love about that boy. As my oldest son we have a special kind of bond and we are very close. Ty tells me just about everything and he comes to me for advice. He is 17 and such a blessing to our family. He connects with Sammy in a way no one else can. My two spectrum boys really do get each other.

Tyler was at a meet this weekend and was dumped on his head, hard. He was rushed to the local hospital on a spine board complete with a neck brace. The trainer began to tell him they thought he might have broken his neck. I wasn't there, the meet was 2.5 hours away and Dan had to work. He must have been terrified.

But he is OK. He does have a concussion and he is off the mat for AT LEAST 14 days post headache, but he should be able to wrestle for sectionals. Right now we just want to protect him enough to get him there. Last year he broke his collar bone 2 weeks before sectionals and it ended his most promising season. He won't allow that to happen again and he is terrified it will.

I am so grateful for his coaches that make sure the kids are safe. We have an incredible staff and they all love the kids. Tyler has learned so much on the mat. One of the coaches is now Sam's coach too.

Someone asked how I can watch Tyler wrestle. It's simple. When your child has a passion for something, you watch. You endure crazy early morning rides to Dighton, PB&J for lunch each Saturday, cold toes, and aching backs from bleachers. You go and scream yourself hoarse, call out moves, and pray at the sidelines, because when your child has a passion, you support it even when you don't want to. This is the last sport I would have picked, but Tyler picked it and he excels at it. So I support him in any way I can.

I am blessed he wasn't seriously hurt  and that he can finish out his season chasing his dream and fulfilling his passion.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


January 8, 2013

Nate is 5 and an absolute handful.  We often find ourselves calling his name  for one reason or another. We have been so use to calling after Sam that automatically we would start calling Sammy and switch to Nate. Nate then became ..Snate.

If he weren't so social, engaged, and articulate I would swear he was a spectrum kid too. He doesn't have any kind of diagnosis as far as anyone is concerned and to be honest I am not sure I am interested in one. He learned a lot from Sam, both good and bad. Now he is teaching Sam.

 Nate will often sit in the car and try to engage Sammy in conversation. He will ask about his day, his friends, his school work, even his lunch. Sam offers one, maybe 2 word answers but it never deters Nate. In fact Nate has taught Sam how to build Lego projects and follow the directions. Nate has showed Sam how much fun it can be to build cities, and create stories.

The fight like puppies and the cuddle up now and then. I am so blessed to have a ray of sunshine like Nathaniel. Some days (like today) he is just difficult too. He has those days where he just doesn't want to listen, just can't get himself together, and is all over the place. No matter how is day goes he cuddles up to me at night before bed, tells me he loves me and falls asleep beside me.

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Husband Rocks

January 7, 2013

It's been a long week back for the kids, which translates to a difficult week for me at home with them. My husband didn't feel well Friday morning and as a result didn't go into his first job. By all rights he should have been allowed to stay in bed. I was having a bad morning between some of the bigs' chores not being done, the trash ignored and overflowing,someone finishing the little ones milk, and not having any pants that fit. It all came together when I found a giant glass of coffee milk(where the littles' milk went) in my fridge by spilling it all over everything in the fridge, the floor , and my ONLY clean fitting shirt. I lost it and burst into tears. Daniel , being the wonderful husband he is, cleaned it up for me and let me go back to sleep for a bit, since the three littlest had a rough night.

We went to my midwife apt and listened to Squish's yummy sweet heartbeat (that sound never does get old). We had lunch together and My wonder hubby again let me just chill out and enjoy my meal.Grace took her nap and so did I... again.  Some husbands may have complained, but not my amazing man. He really takes amazing care of all of us and is by far one of the most solid people in my life. I know he is always on my side. He is an incredible father, friend, and husband.

He is absolutely my Prince Charming

and to top it off I think he is damn cute!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

How can I

January 6, 2013

How can I feel anything but blessed with these silly little beans in my life?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Wink

January 5,2013

You ever have one of those moments that convince you God is just giving you a hug? A friend of mine calls them God Winks. I was so down Thursday night all I wanted to do was cry. I was tired, anxious, spent, and just done. I was tired just thinking about the next day being nothing but the same....

then I heard this.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Choice

January 4,2013

This is absolutely the last post I want to write today. Sam had a rough day yesterday at school, came home and things got tougher. By 6pm I had practically carried Sam up the stairs to his room for him to calm down. Normally no big deal but I am very pregnant. Grace has been a giant ball of clingy mommy neediness, Nate was full throttle all day long. My house was a mess and family stopped in unexpectedly to visit. I of course was mortified because my house truly looked as though a bomb had gone off.

What I want to write about is how fed up I am. How I spent most of the day and night beating myself up for being a failure.What I want to write is not what I am going to write.

I am making a CHOICE

Wednesday night my son's school hosted an amazing speaker. Dale Thomas, a spunky blonde with a southern drawl reminded me of something I had read and heard a dozen times. EVERYTHING is in my control and I am the only one who can CHOOSE how I handle it. She challenged me to wake up and say "good morning gorgeous" to myself.

So when Nate began acting like a child overdosing on pixi sticks, I made a CHOICE to turn on the music and dance with him.

When grace started crying for the bazilionth time, I made a CHOICE to dance around the room with her.

When Sam threw a fit and I had to bring him upstairs, I made a CHOICE to walk away , count to 100, and try again.

When family showed up, I CHOSE to smile and enjoy the company of two amazing people and not worry about how my house looked to them.
 I did not choose to stomp my feet and pout and cry... oh I came so close> There was no part of me that felt blessed. I was hopping mad, but every word Dale shared on Wednesday was still bouncing in my head.


I would not have chosen a child with autism if I had been asked, but it's clear God did. The path of my life that lead to Sammy makes it's obvious to me, Sam was part of my big plan. I have learned so much from that fluffy headed child and I don't presume to know the plan of My Lord, but it gives me peace to think this way. I don't believe that God causes hurt and pain, that is just a side effect of being human. I do not belive that my son having autism is a horrific isn't cancer, it isn't death. I can still hug him even on a bad day. I do believe that it is all possible for his Glory. I CHOOSE to focus on that.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Princess

January 3, 2013

I am so grateful for Grace. She is such a wonderful blessing for all of us. She is the only one who can make Sam stop short of a meltdown. He loves her with a ferocious intensity. She bubbles out sunshine and joy everywhere she goes. She adores Sam and really looks to make him happy.  He lights up around her!

We started calling Sam the baby whisperer when Grace was little because when she cried Sam would hold her hand and sing. It worked every single time. I never thought Sam was capable of such an intense connection, until we had Grace.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back To School

January 2, 2013

I am SO Grateful Sam is back in school today.

 This vacation disregulation has been horrid for him. Every upswing moment we have had was eclipsed by darkness and tears.  It is quiet, Well as quiet as it can be with 2 littles still home. The stress load is far less I feel like I can breath again. I miss having him here and I hate the entire process of getting him out the door each morning, including walking to the clod bus stop giant and pregnant. However, 7 1/2 hours of knowing I will not have to restrain a child, break up a fist fight, or hear screaming and swearing. I will take it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I tend to forget all the wonderful positive things I have going on in my life. I really want to work at focusing on the wonderful amazing things that happen every day. My goal is to try to post at least once a day with something positive and happy in my life. It may not always be about Sammy. Feel free to join in if you like.

January 1, 2013
Sam was able to keep it together for the entire evening last night while we were at a friends house. 

It may not seem like a big deal to some but there were quite a few people and lots of unpredictable possibilities. He was awesome!
He held it together like a champ until the minute the car door closed, but when it mattered he was FANTASTIC.