All About The Chaos

We are currently a family of 7 (yes 7 really) My husband and I have 5 children on earth and one precious baby in heaven. We are Catholic and we are Quiverful. We live in a small town in Southern Massachusetts. We try to live as simply as possible. We are a family of special needs people and we work every day to make this house work
A little about each of us in the house
Tyler             ~16~ he has Aspergers, ADHD, and Dysgraphia. He wrestles with his high school and runs cross country. He has an amazing sense of humor and is exceptionally witty and bright.
Austin-John    ~13~ AJ has OCD and anxiety along with some pretty major vision problems. He plays the trumpet,is in the Jr.National Honor Society, gets straight A's. AJ also plays soccer and baseball and is teaching himself the french horn.
Emma ~ our precious baby in heaven was a loss at 14.5 weeks on 8/22/01. 8/22 is also Sammy's birthday.
Sammy            ~7~ Sammy was diagnosed at 3 with Autism. At that point in time Sammy did not talk,dress himself or play with toys. Sammy was always a little off, he was the only baby not crying in the nursery,he never looked at me when he nursed and he never slept. However he would engage. We discovered he had multiple food allergies and a life threatening tree nut allergy.Sometime around 18months,following a vaccination Sammy cried for days,an unnerving high pitched scream. Directly following those three days Sammy lost the few words he had, stopped answering to his name and playing with toys. It has been a slow and agonizing fight back to the starting line here but he is making it. Sammy is the major subject of this blog and I hope that the information contained here may help someone looking for hope and options. Sammy is on a strict Feingold Diet as well as GF and tree nut free
Nathaniel      ~4~ nate is just an all around squishy kid.Inside and out he just loves to be loved and love back. Headstrong and witty we spend our days together and we like it that way.
Grace           ~babygirl~ our first sweet girl in the house. the only person who stops Sammy's behaviors dead in their tracks. sweet,soft,and full of sparkle
Momma yeah totally not giving you my age here. I have OCD as well and I am fairly crunchy. I love to bake and cook and read.I have a very strong faith and a wonderful family and I am always looking for ways to make things work here
PapaChag ~my wonder hubby is just that.he works hard all day comes home and doesn't stop.He is the most amazing man and father a girl could ever want. We are finding so many similarities between him growing up and Sammy