Thursday, April 16, 2009

One would think that if a child has the word ALLERGY listed beside his name, a back pack listing his allergies, a ton of food from home, and a bright red backpack saying ALERGIK-ID you would not feed him without being ABSOLUTLY sure of his allergies …right? How can I make it any clearer???
NOPEnot last week. Apparently since Sammy said he can have hot dogs the teacher believed him. He got the school lunch, no money no free lunch…NOTHING. She gave it to him anyway. Granted his regular teacher is really good about making sure he eats safe and watches him around the things he cannot have. This however was a substitute. WTF?
Samuel cannot have gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They make him crazy. He also cannot have tree nuts since they make him die.
So what did he eat?
A hot dog with a bun, a red jello and a coffee milk.
I lost it. I have to live with him and although he is amazing at school he is a terror at home. My friend Shannon had the joy of seeing him in a good but busy mood and that isn’t even half of what he does when he gets gluten and artificials.
It can get a little overwhelming here.
So needless to say I wasn’t very nice to sub. I may have even made her cry. She kept telling me it was only a few bites, he tricked her, he manipulated her… blah blah blah. OK let me set this strait. He is a 4.5 year old with AUTISM. He gets in line everyday and asks for the school lunch. He even tried to buy lunch one day with money from a monopoly game and a few pennies. Every single day he does this. It’s a compulsive routine.
Things are now in place so it will NEVER happen again