Friday, January 11, 2013

Knowing You

January 11, 2013

I am so glad I know you the way I do.

I can watch those storm clouds roll over your face as the internal countdown begins to explosion  Sometimes I catch it soon enough to head it off at the pass. Sometimes I don't.
It's been as bad as ever and it hurts my heart. I see how hard you struggle and how much work just the little things can be for you. I know this life isn't easy for you. I know that you work harder than I can imagine. I know still waters run deep and there must be so much inside your head that I just can't reach.
It hurts me to see you struggle with disappointments and unexpected changes.

But moments like this afternoon when I asked you to dance in the kitchen are worth it. When you wrap your arms around me and hum just a few notes as you rock with me. You told me you loved me like a banana. I haven't hear that in so long. God must have known how badly I needed it from you after the week we had. You asked me for a cookie, I always give you three but today I gave you four. You smiled at me, eyes sparkling, and said "You gave me four, it's because you love me!" you hugged me again and ran off to nibble your cookies. I just soaked in the moment, because it is always gone too quickly.