Tuesday, January 8, 2013


January 8, 2013

Nate is 5 and an absolute handful.  We often find ourselves calling his name  for one reason or another. We have been so use to calling after Sam that automatically we would start calling Sammy and switch to Nate. Nate then became ..Snate.

If he weren't so social, engaged, and articulate I would swear he was a spectrum kid too. He doesn't have any kind of diagnosis as far as anyone is concerned and to be honest I am not sure I am interested in one. He learned a lot from Sam, both good and bad. Now he is teaching Sam.

 Nate will often sit in the car and try to engage Sammy in conversation. He will ask about his day, his friends, his school work, even his lunch. Sam offers one, maybe 2 word answers but it never deters Nate. In fact Nate has taught Sam how to build Lego projects and follow the directions. Nate has showed Sam how much fun it can be to build cities, and create stories.

The fight like puppies and the cuddle up now and then. I am so blessed to have a ray of sunshine like Nathaniel. Some days (like today) he is just difficult too. He has those days where he just doesn't want to listen, just can't get himself together, and is all over the place. No matter how is day goes he cuddles up to me at night before bed, tells me he loves me and falls asleep beside me.