Monday, June 18, 2012

Schools out For Summer

The school year ended on Thursday for Sammy and AJ, Tyler is still in until this week. I always forget to do something for Sammy's angels. I always spend the first half of my summer feeling sad and guilty that I forgot to do something for these lovely people who have loved on my son all year long. His team works hard and they listen. We really have been blessed with a fantastic team.

So often we hear parent's of kids like ours complaining about the team they have just not doing enough. I get it, we were there a few years back in a different school district. Now, we are blessed with an amazing team of professionals that love Sammy and work so hard with him.

This year I remembered to do something nice for them all. I made giant GF cupcakes and frosted them with homemade cinnamon chocolate frosting. Sammy made hand prints and I turned them into a hand signing " I love you" I put his name and the year on it. Each person also got a handwritten thank you note. Seriously! I was so proud of myself. Granted they were delivered 20 minutes before the day ended, but still