Thursday, June 14, 2012

Field Day

Sammy had field day last week. It was held at the rec center since there is no longer a yard at the school now that construction has begun. It was mostly nice. They did have some indoor events which Sammy struggled with. It was loud and hot and muggy. They blew an air-horn to signify change from one event to the next and Sammy covered his ears in pain each time. It bothered me to watch that. Couldn't they come up with something better?

Once we were outside things were better and I could see Sammy's body language relax and settle. He played the first 2 or 3 games fine but during the last one I watched his body language switch. His fingers , which earlier were relaxed and silent, began their flight. A mile a minute. I watched him try to stop and place his hands in the "quiet hands" position I had taught him many years ago. Oh I hate having taught him that. His eyes began to flip around and he flipped up onto his tip toes just ever so slightly. To most people he was just having fun, but I know my boy. he scanned the crowd, he looked for escape, he looked like he was in pain. I mentioned to the parent beside me "Uh-Oh looks like were about to hit a wall". He came to me and buried his head against my chest and took a deep deep breath. He was shaking. He said "this is too much, I want to be done"
My heart was breaking for him. This should be fun! Instead it took all my boy had to be part of it up to this point. I brought him over to his aide Mrs.L. and had him use his words "I am overwhelmed I need a break". Four times he tried and couldn't but the fifth time he did. She told him to take a seat, and I watched his entire body melt. Seconds later they were lining up to get back to school for a cookout. He again started to become upset and bothered. The transitions were not handled smoothly. I reassured him we would meet back at the school and that I would eat with him. He got into line fingers flying beside him hidden to anyone who doesn't yet understand my boy.

I met him at the school, he was under the tree waiting for me. We had a lovely picnic and then played on the playground. He kissed me and said "so glad you came over mommy"  He asked his friend A to join us. I really like that kid. He has fantastic manners and social skills and he seems to really like Sammy, quirks and all. We all need a friend that loves us for who we are. Sam has a few. He has Miss S. and Miss L., Mr. M and Mr.A.

I dismissed him from school and he was all smiles. It was the bright spot in our otherwise horrific week.

I'll take it!