Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Out to Dinner

I was so tired Saturday that the idea of cooking anything at all made me want to cry. We don't usually go out to dinner because Sammy just doesn't do well. Plus with 5 kids, two of them teenage boys, we often cannot even think about affording it. The older  boys are away with their youth group, so its just The adults and the littles. So off we went. Sammy wanted the place with the peanuts! Texas roadhouse it is. Sam was PERFECT. the food was good and the waitress was awesome. She brought out 4 kids waters and recounted the kids 3-4 times, smiled sheepishly and and said " Hmm, why did I think there were four kids" We had a good giggle and sucked down the water.

He ate, he stayed in his seat. he followed the rules and he used his manners. I watched him crack one peanut after another. Every time he was almost surprised their was soemthing inside. he found a giant peanut in one and started bouncing yelling "JACKPOT!!!JACKPOT!!!" Thankfully that place is loud enough that no one noticed and no one cared. I actually relaxed for the first time in a long time and just enjoyed the kids.

Grace was a hoot! she kept dancing to the music and asking Daddy and Sam to dance too. She kept kissing Sammy and singing to him. She learned how to be a zombie! I can't wait to get that on video!

Nate cracked every single nut on his head. Like the "I'm racking a nut" video a few months ago. He is such a unique child. He really does brighten my day.

He went off the BJ's after. We needed yogurt and eggs and a few other things. We were there less than 15 minutes...

Yup you guessed it. I pressed my luck and pushed him to far. He melted down in the checkout line. I had to hold him so he wouldn't hurt himself. The little girl beside me stared at us so shocked that a child her age would behave that way. We finally got out of the store and got calmed and he bolted across the lot.

I know better then to push him. I know better than to think 2 difficult things in one night are a good idea. WHAT WAS I THINKING. We should have ended on a good note, instead it was chaos.