Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mud Baby

We have been renting a car since our smaller car broke. I only rent it on the days I need to work because Wonder Hubby has to leave when I am just getting out of work. I work over an hour away right now in Newton and Wonder Hubby works almost an hour away in Westwood. He has to be at work for 7:30am and if he leaves any later than 6am he will be late because of the traffic patterns. I get out at 6am and drive to meet him and the kids halfway between the two. It's like a relay race. It sucks but it's life.
So we have been renting a car and it needed to be returned Friday by 5:30pm. I took Grace with me and left the two teens in charge of Thing 3 and Thing4. Thing5 was not happy to get into her seat but we got her in (picture trying to put a cat in a tux) and I was on my way. The kids were all in the yard playing.
20 minutes we were gone.


Daniel and I pull up and see Sammy riding a scooter outside the yard in a small circle. I burst into uncontrollable laughter as did Dan. We parked the van and this is what we saw...

Yup That's Sammy covered in mud from the garden. He was so excited and happy. He looked like a cross between hulk and a hobit! I found mud everywhere, both inside and outside the house. Apparently Ty went inside for something and this was the result.

Bath Time