Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Necklace

I received a gift in the mail this week. Completely unexpected and wonderful, more than enough to brighten my day. I follow an amazing blogger named Jess over at Diary of a Mom and she is just incredible. She often makes me cry, always makes me think, and sometimes even makes me giggle. She posted this site back in May   for Autism Jewelry and I fell in love with one of the necklaces. Jokingly I posted it to my page and told the world I wanted it for Mother's Day. Never did I think anyone was listening or really paying attention. In fact I think the only response I got was my boss / cousin asking for a diamond tennis bracelet. I forgot about it as Mother's Day came and went.

It's been a rough few weeks here. School transitions, end of year issues,temperature changes, allergies, returning to work, jury duty, and an intensity increase in Sam's fear of water have left me feeling borderline ... well just borderline. I spend much of last weekend contemplating what my family might do if I had a nervous breakdown and ended up in a padded room. I am not kidding, it was that bad. I even at one point just sat down and sobbed hysterically. Not my finest moment for certain and a dear friend (Mr.W) "I did not perform well". I am just exhausted both physically and mentally.

Then this week a package came in the mail addressed to me. I didn't recognize the return address and it wasn't my birthday, I hadn't ordered anything, and I wasn't expecting anything. I opened it to find a beautiful lavender colored box. There was a slip inside with a vague reference to a gift from someone not mentioned and a delay. Still at a loss I looked and found a business card from The Jewel Box Studio. suddenly I remembered the post I made and got super excited. I opened the box and found this

My Beautiful Necklace

It made my day. I still do not know who sent it.

Whoever you are.
Thank you,  From the bottom of my shattered heart. It came at a moment when I felt so alone I couldn't breath. I was drowning in self doubt and fear. I will spare you the details of the pity party I was indulging in because those details aren't necessary. What is important is that you know how very grateful I am for this gift. I don't know if it was just a simple gesture on your part or if you really knew how much this would mean to me, it doesn't matter. Thank you so much whoever you