Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Perfect Smile

Taking Sam to the dentist is not the easiest feat to accomplish. He gets anxious and upset easily when out in public. He also doesn't like not being in control, or being touched, or sitting still, or doing anything outside of the "plan". Four years later and I still hear " Mom?! I have school today?!?" laced with both fear and curiosity. No amount of visual aid seems to stop it. He asks compulsively. So for those reasons you can understand why taking him to the dentist Saturday morning wasn't on my list of Fun Things To Do.  In fact I would rather brush my teeth with sandpaper or put a jelly fish in an evening gown than take the boy to the dentist.

You see our pediatric dentist (WHO WAS AWESOME BTW) retired a bit ago and I do not like the replacement. MY dentist office Perfect Smiles Dentistry has been fantastic dealing with my level of crazy at the dentist. You see they cater to people like me who are afraid of dental work. I don't mean just a little afraid, what I mean is I can't even make an appointment without throwing up. Well, I can now actually  thanks to this office making me feel 100% safe. When I found out they had hired a pediatric dentist I made an appointment for Thing3.

 They were AWESOME with him. they explained everything step by step. I reminded the woman at the desk that Sam was autistic and she responded with a smile and "yes, we were talking about him this morning so the entire staff was aware" That alone made me feel so much better. Then, the hygienist began talking to him. She didn't talk to me about him, she spoke TO him. Mom's know this is a big big deal. She did talk a little to fast for Sammy to really get what she was saying, but she was engaging so he was happy.

The Dentist came in and again Spoke to Sammy, showed him each tool, spoke slowly, and moved slowly. We have a treatment plan in place for Sammy now and will be going back there in just a few weeks. They did such a wonderful job. If your in the Wesport MA or Seekonk MA area with a special kid, this is the place to take them. We even talked about Grace's lip tie and he actually had knowledge on the subject. So go ahead and check out Dr Ahearn and Associates at Perfect Smiles

Sammy picked out his toy from the treasure box and all was well.