Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Promise

The other day I saw a rainbow. In fact it was a double rainbow. Before you start thinking I went off the deep end like the double rainbow guy I assure you I have not. It was beautiful.

It reminded me that it's going to be ok. I am struggling with some stuff right now and it's really hard. i feel like I was treading water before but now I'm in over my head. It's a scary feeling, I assure you. My life feels out of control. My house is a mess, my laundry is a mess and as a result I am a mess. I always feel the need to be perfect and I ALWAYS fail at it. regardless of how hard I try it's a measure I cannot obtain. My days have often felt like an oncoming storm. Like my sky was dark and the  clouds were everywhere. I felt lost in the storm and afraid.

 I was thinking about all of my shortcomings when Nate pointed out the beautiful rainbow across the sky.

I suddenly had such a feeling of peace and happiness.It was a rainbow. It may have still had a few clouds but it was a rainbow none the less

It may not have lasted long but it was nice while it lasted.