Friday, June 22, 2012

Second Chances

I have been puzzling something out. It's hard for me to feel like I don't have the answers. I just don't know what to make of things right now. I can't quiet wrap my head around any of it. Do you think there is such a thing as a Do-Over? Does God really do that? Is it possible? Maybe It's just wishful magical thinking?

On a side note Sammy has been super affectionate lately. He keeps rubbing his cheek against my shoulder when I'm wearing tank tops. It's probably just a a stim but Right now I will take it. I don't really get hugs unless I ask. I will get "hug-kiss-snuggle-hug" before I leave the house every time.

We finished our first week of summer vacation and we have all lived. I think that is an amazing feat in and of itself ! Don't you think so?

 Sammy has a behavior protocol at home he earns blocks for every half hour he follows the rules. Good choices,gentle hands,gentle words and respect. today he earned 12 total which has never happened before. However , even though he has the blocks he can count he is obsessing over them. every 2 minutes "how many blocks did I earn now?" over and over and over. enough to drive me insane. I think we may need a timer. Any suggestions?