Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Wood School is being torn down. In just a few short days the old school will be a memory and the new school construction will begin. Sam is having a very difficult time with it. The staff  at the school have been so awesome with Sammy. I really feel blessed to have the school community that we do. It's been crappy here so Im going back to the good stuff.

They had their concert this week and it was awesome. Very emotionally charged because of it really being the last concert for Wood School. I watched Sam sing and realised how much fun he has performing. He likes to be on stage and singing or acting. A few years ago I would have said it wasn't possible, but it is now!

He was awesome Nate, Grace, and I watched the concert as they had their snack. Grace didn't finish hers so I left it on the bench. Grace got  fidgety. I brought her to the back of the room. We saw Sam in the hall after the concert while they waited to preform the finale. I got a great video of his teacher and him dancing,

When Sammy walked into the room for the finale he grabbed the rest of the bar I left and ate it. His poor teacher panicked. I felt so bad for her. I did make him apologize and he was super embarrassed. He just has absolutely no impulse control. To him he did't do anything wrong since HE knew it was safe. I bet his teacher is glad the year is almost over!