Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Sometimes I get rainbows with Sammy. It's as if the windows fly open on a warm summer morning by the ocean. The breeze comes in and calms my soul, quiets my mind and helps me to see the flowers that bloom in my life. Flowers like my precious boy, so proud of himself.  He cut his hair, all by himself.

I was so frustrated at first, and also pretty angry! He was a little sad he cut his superman curl (the curl under his bangs and the only curl on his entire head) He showed everyone how he cut his hair all by himself! I have never seen that boy so proud of himself. He went to school with it as is since he wont let me fix it. I really hope the kids don't tease him.

He was giving out shopping carts at Market Basket yesterday as well, just so he could let people know that he cut his own hair.

fluffy head before
after ~ with daddy's glasses too!
I am blessed with a boy who has sunshine moments inside of some rather dark days. I am blessed with a breeze today.