Saturday, May 12, 2012

Point of View

I'm trying to write this down this morning before I forget what was said. Sadly I have already kind of forgotten. It was amazing and made me smile. Sammy woke up and gave us a rare show of sunshine. He is currently down stairs screaming that he isn't going today with the rest of us for the hike we planned. He is refusing again and non-compliant. I think the function of his behaviors lately are control. He cannot control the fact that his school is changing, his teachers will change, and his aid may even change, so he tries to control other things.

He was in our bed this morning. Nate was in our bed this morning. Grace was in our bed this morning. Chance was in our bed this morning. WE HAVE A QUEEN SIZE BED. I was complaining to Dan about how I had no room most of the night since Nate was on one side, Sammy was on the other  and Grace was on top. Chance woke me up getting in after Tyler let him out from his kennel. Sammy looked at me and said

"Wow your a lucky Mommy, you get to cuddle all of us!"

I agreed.

Thank you Lord for the small rays of sunshine