Thursday, May 10, 2012

Midnight in the Garden

Wasn't I just writing yesterday about feeling like Sammy isn't autistic?  Sometimes I feel like I don't fit into the whole autism community because Sam "seems so normal" Then we have moments like last night.
He couldn't sleep it was well past midnight and here he was flapping away and making noises. I haven't seen him do that in weeks maybe even a month, so it was weird to see him doing it. In fact I couldn't figure out what was shaking the bed until I looked over and saw him.

We got Chance to lay with him. just calling Chance over and having him follow Sammy to bed, he was thrilled. He pranced over and laid down beside Sammy, snuggled up, and helped him settle. Dan covered them both with the blanket and they laid down quietly. A few minutes later and Sammy was asleep.Chance then went to his kennel for the night without an issue.
Chance  hanging out in his kennel 

 He helped us wake him again today and Sammy got dressed and ready in just a few minutes without a huge fight. We were late waking up since my wonderful Tyler took my phone downstairs and so I had no alarm. I woke up to AJ leaving the house and slamming the door at 7:35! Sammy has to be at Ms. L's for 7:55 to go with them to the stop. 20 minutes to get Sammy up,dressed,fed,packed and out the door. I couldn't find his homework since it wasn't put back in the folder and that took a bit of time. He did it Chance followed him around the upstairs the entire time he was getting ready.

Here is to hoping tonight he goes to bed a little easier.