Monday, May 7, 2012


So we tried to change the tune here a little. It was either that or I was going out to buy an e-collar for Sammy ( I am KIDDING)
We went to buy plants for the garden since some of seedlings didn't survive or thrive. (note to self don't buy crappy cheep potting mix again) While we were there we saw Mrs. G. who is one of Sammy's angels at school. We talked a little and Sammy was so happy to see her.
On the way home Sammy informed me he was glad he saw Mrs. G since he wasn't going to school tomorrow.
I asked him why and this is what I got
"they are taking everything off the walls and taking down the looks so weird I might faint you know. They are taking down everything and it looks like a black hole and I don't like it. I am never going to school again!"

Sammy is going to a different school next year. In fact his ENTIRE school is going to a new school while they build the brand new one. The change is obviously really upsetting Sammy. It makes me sad. I will be on the phone with the school tomorrow to fix this as best I can. Why cab't things just be easy for him?

Also look forward to an awesome guest blogger post from my dear friend Shannon (or as Sammy always called her "my ponytail") She walked for autism and she has something to say.