Saturday, May 5, 2012


Today we took Chance to buttonwood park for his test with Rick from South Coast Canines to test out of Level One. We took him over a play structure, we walked around and we played. He did fantastic. We worked on sit (which lately Chance sometimes doesn't feel like doing) and the long stay. At one point Daniel dropped the leash and called Chance (which we do at home all the time) and he ran to Dan...and kept running. OOOPS!

last week working on the long stay

I of course became anxious almost right away. Thank Goodness Rick and Daniel are so level headed. The got him back and nothing bad happened. It took me forever to settle down. The rest of the lesson was great. It's funny I have no issues putting my foot down with the kids. If I say it I expect to be listened to. I have a hard time being that way with a dog.

When Rick has him on the leash Chance listened first try almost every time. I think Rick may be a true Alpha! I am working on being assertive and in charge.Training is just as much training me as it is training the dog.
It really is so much more fun when your doing is being good. A well behaved dog is so much more fun to be around.
This week we need to work on bringing the dog out to different places. We meet with Rick again in 2 weeks.