Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I am in my room, resting and having some quiet time. I cuddled with Nate and Grace this morning and then dan went downstairs to take care of the kitchen (AJ's party was last night so the kitchen isn't as clean as I would like). He is making coffee.
30 seconds into my mother's day back rub and Nate starts screeching and crying. that was 9 minutes ago. So far now Sammy is melting down, Grace is screaming, and all hell is breaking loose downstairs. Yes, this is my mother's day.

Daniel just brought me up a cup of coffee and when I asked what was going on he said "nothing everything is fine" and ran out of the room. I assume if there was blood or disembowelment I would know. RIGHT ?
So I am trying to be good and stay here like a good girl. I don't want to ruin their mother's day for me. God help me we have a christening and a first communion today, AJ's birthday, and Emily's (Tyler's girlfriend) confirmation.
Sammy is now screaming as though he has been possessed in the next room. Grace is screaming because Sam is.
turns out Sammy lost the card he made me and is freaking out.
THIS is my mother's day what is your like today?