Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Car in Front had My Heart

One of our cars (The Mazda) died on my way to work last night. In fact I was 1.7 miles away from my destination. The car didn't care it just revved loudly but would not budge.  I left it in the gas station parking lot that it was so gracious to drift into. I walked the rest of the way to work since it would take longer for my husband to get me than it would to just go to work since I live well over an hour from the family I am helping right now

begin comedy of errors...

My boss was going to pick me up in the morning so at least I could get home. She was also going to drive me tonight since she was going the same direction. My husband called and reinstated our AAA that we had cancelled a few months ago. He would pick me up from the park and ride and bring me home , go to work late, and then go meet AAA after work.

My mom had the kids. Dan forgot to pack Sam's lunch. I had no car. My mom saved the day and brought him a lunch. I was so tired from working overnight that I was cranky with Nate. I may or may not have lost my temper when he woke her 35 minutes into her nap. I had to deal with some other work drama and figure out how to get home the next morning without making hubby late.

He called me on his way up to the car and asked where the keys were. I swore and cussed and cried, convinced I had them (turns out I left them in the ignition). I was a mess and just couldn't stop the panic. He came home. He rented me a car. he saved my ass, as usual. Thank GOD FOR MY LEVEL HEADED HUSBAND!

He got the children in the van (well Sammy and Grace anyway. Nate fell asleep beside me while I napped before work) We all drove towards my work. It was raining so hard and I was a nervous wreck. Weather of any kind makes me on edge. I suddenly pictured an accident and Sammy not being buckled. My heart raced and I got very nervous. All I could think was part of my heart is in that van. Sammy, Grace, and Daniel. The entire way up I just kept thinking how odd it seemed to watch my heart outside my body traveling away in the van.