Wednesday, May 2, 2012

IEP take 2

It's hard here right now. It's closing in on the end of the year and summer is quickly approaching.  The weather doesn't even yet feel like spring and I am already looking forward to the end of the school year.

We had Tyler's IEP meeting this last week and it went well. I love the new Special Education Director. She is really on the ball and totally understanding. She helped us come up with great ideas for Tyler to help his senior year be the best it can..

Tyler will be using a computer at school and will begin emailing his homework assignments to himself and to the teacher's when completed. The computer can come home with him. Tyler's biggest struggles right now are in the realm of executive functioning. He can't seem to organised the steps in his head to start and finish much of anything. Even with the things he loves like wrestling he will often forget his shoes or singlet. It only gets worse if he dislikes the teacher or the subject.

He has some major goals in mind this year. he wants to be captain of the wrestling team. In order to do that he has to be on the honor roll.  Big changes are coming now it seems. He is back on the mat after a devastating injury ended his season last year.