Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our hike to Aggie

We ventured out this weekend with the Dog and the children. Tyler had a wrestling clinic Saturday so we all went to bring him up to Bristol Aggie in Dighton. We walked everywhere and checked out all the animals. chance met cows, horses, and piglets. He did wonderfully. Sammy ran and ran and ran. He rolled down the hill by the baseball field. Sam, Nate, and AJ rolled and rolled. AJ may or may not have actually gotten dizzy this time.

We met a beautiful horse that was huge and very calm. He stood there and let Chance come to him and say hello. He bent over and nuzzled Sammy. We really enjoyed the walk. The boys fed the cows and the horse grass. They ran all over the place and picked buttercups.

The wrestling program had free watermelon and so the boys (and girl) enjoyed some. Even Chance had some watermelon.  We got in the van and headed home to prepare for AJ's party that night. It really was a wonderful afternoon!