Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Vacation

It's almost over. I haven't been around for a multitude of reasons. Some good ~some bad~some are just life.
Vacations are always filled with dis-regulation and stress for Sammy which boils down to insanity and stress for everyone. He was sick at the very start of vacation and the medication made him very stressed and violent. Then Christmas morning (which is hard to begin with) threw us all for a loop.He received Lego Star Wars from my parents for Christmas and he is perseverating on it. Then our 23 year old neighbor that Sammy loves passed away (which is another post in itself,I promise I will get to that one). Grace got sick and so did AJ. Turns out AJ has mono! then Tyler got a concussion on Thursday at practice. For an quirky aspie kid, the doctors struggled to figure out what was normal and what wasn't.(again another post for this week)

This week has also been filled with amazing things! He was able to purchase his own bag of chips at the dollar store alone without help. That sounds like nothing to some but for us it was a GIANT milestone. He has been waking up early every day and has been mostly agreeable. I am pretty sure he has snuck down a few times just to play the game. We have also discovered Sammy knows how to count change! He has told me sweet things ("I thought you were soft and squishy but you're really hard and rough! but I love you anyway,no matter what")and things that break my heart (I don't want to be a kid with autism ,I just want to be like everyone else.No one else has autism,I am only one")

So many things we need to work on here, and so many things I can't fix. I have so much t tell all of you about but for now I am going to enjoy my boy and the last 2 days we have off together.