Sunday, January 15, 2012

How Is THIS Legal

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It takes a bit to ruffle my feathers this much. I am so ANGRY I even considered using profanity in this post. Don't worry I won't. I am so angry after reading that article up there that my hands are shaking. I had to actually wait to post this because I am IRATE. My heart is pounding in my ears. It isn't even my child we are talking about here... but it is ,you know?
Because today it's a transplant team refusing to treat a child with developmental delays tomorrow it's treatment refused for kids with autism. The slippery slope that runs along the outer banks of normal into our world. This world of ours while it has challenges and tears , it has so many moment of absolute glory. We have so many moments of sheer joy unhindered by any constraint that society sets forward. What these doctors are saying is that if you don't meet our standard we will let you die. you don't count. You aren't good enough.


It is 2012 right? Even if I get the numbers backwards we aren't in the dark ages any more right? SO HOW IS THIS OK? The idea that for one solitary second my son or any other child doesn't have as much right to life as a "typical" child infuriates me. I don't love my child less because he is has challenges. My child isn't any less part of my life because he needs help. Where do we draw the line? If this child were shot it would still be murder wouldn't it. how is this any different?

So to that transplant team in charge of this beautiful girl ~ put down the loaded gun and do your job. shame .on. you.

you can sign the petition HERE