Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wonderful Night

It's chaotic here right now with Tyler being injured. Sammy was with us yesterday at the hospital and got really upset when Tyler cried out because of the pain. So you can imagine my surprise when time for home work came and he actually did it!

It was 10 sentences and both Daniel and I groaned figuring it would be a big fight. We were prepared to scribe if need be but had him start anyway.

1. I buy 10 pesisuv cholit.
2. I sat by my frendonthe bus.
3. I threw a Big fat ceachboll.
4. I went through the Porck.
5. I went on the plane.
6. I ate Plain yogrte .( he drew an arrow from the letter e to the letter o to say that it should have gone there)
7. I write a Big letrto my mommy and mu DADDy.
8. I digda Heooghole in my back yord.
9. I ate the whole intrtire Kack.

he skipped one but that is fine. I am so really proud of him!
Can you make out what he wrote?