Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bring in the MIlk

Daniel has gotten a bee in his bonnet and decided to start working with Sam I am on his self help skills. He has decided to work with Sammy on his ability to be independent in the world. For now that means teaching him safety and money skills. We have a very recent obsession with change. He loves it and counts it. He wants to spend it every time he get to one dollar. He wants to go to the dollar store all the time. Maybe the obsession isn't the money itself but the ability to go to the dollar store itself and have the power to purchase what he wants? think about that, can you imagine having that kind of control over your world. That must feel awesome for him. Thank God for Dan because I get so caught up in all of the day to day crap that I never think of these things.

Today, Daniel brought Sam to Cumberland Farms before school. We needed milk. Daniel went over the steps of purchasing the milk.
Run in,   ask where the milk is,   pick out the milk jug,  bring it to the counter,   pay for milk,   get receipt.  If you had asked me I would have thought it was too many steps but my biggest issue is the "run in"
Sammy asked "red milk or blue milk?" he was assured that red capped milk was what we wanted. He went in and did exactly as he should. He did forget the receipt but HOLY HECK he did it. He did well. I am so thrilled and Dan is so excited to be helping him on this journey.

Sammy did bring up to Daniel that he said "run in" and that he almost did. He conveyed to Daniel that it hadn't made sense to him since we tell him all the time to walk unless were playing. He was confounded by Daddy saying such a silly thing. Daniel explained figures of speech to him. He didn't quite get it, but hey
he bought milk on his own. Super huge accomplishment