Thursday, January 5, 2012

a Day Off

Sammy hates school. There is no doubt in my mind that he struggles with it. Learning is hard for him, I know this. Here is the issue however. He is awesome once he gets to school, every day. The teachers all say he never has behaviors (except for a few very isolated incidents) he never acts fresh and he never yells or screams. He doesn't stim and he is 100% appropriate in school. This creates a 2 fold problem

1. I feel like crap because he is horrible at home. He is disrespectful and he screams at me. He yells and cries over homework and acts like a total beast! He spends a lot of time stimming on things like the blinds in the bathroom. He refuses to get dressed in the morning.He refuses to eat breakfast some days.He tells me he hates me and that I am the worst mom ever. He called me a freak show..where he got that I have no idea.

2. They don't see how hard it is for him  ...I cant just go tell them it's hard for him. He is fine in school, they wont believe me. I really wonder if they think I am just crazy and making it all up. I know that is probably my insecurity... after things being so tough in our last school I am really afraid to rock the boat too much. He get's lots of help and his team here is WONDERFUL. Mrs. L and Ms G. are incredible people. the principle is fantastic as is the nurse the OT and the ST. I love them and they love Sammy. We are blessed with an incredible team. Even the best team however can't make it not hard for Sammy. He cries every morning begging me to just let him stay home. I totally would if he wouldn't be beating up his little brother 5 minutes after the bus left.

Much like every day he cried and sobbed that school is too hard and his teacher is stupid and he hates school. Can he please just stay home just today? He will go to school tomorrow he promises.... oh how I wish I could just say yes.