Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I's Christmas Eve and most of the kids are almost drunk with excitement. They keep talking about what Santa is bringing. The older two are thrilled to be going to their grandmothers house for a few hours. They are happy to escape the chaos for a few hours.

For Sammy Christmas might as well be over. He got the one thing he hoped for from my mom last night. Lego Star Wars 3. Seriously its like the autism trifecta! Starwars - Lego and video games. It's a stim utopia! I am hearing STUDS! every minute or so. I love seeing my boy so happy

Yesterday was really rough. Sammy had so many meltdowns. The medication for his Croup is messing with him. He was beside himself . He couldn't stop screaming. He was hitting and biting and just desperate for solace. He couldn't get it together and it made my heart hurt. We packed his bag for the crisis center and he finally calmed down.

He said something that really made me think. He asked to be squeezed. He said when he gets upset he needs to be squeezed. Now I knew that in the sense that I know he has autism and it's helpful. What I didn't understand was that he knows that too. I didn't realize that he could communicate that to me.

Tonight and tomorrow I will be selling out and letting him just play lego star wars. Merry Christmas