Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Myths about Autism | autism myths

Myths about Autism | autism myths:

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The ideas people often have about autism amaze me. I hear quite often things like " I do that too and I'm not autistic" or "but he looks so normal" Normal is always spoken in a hushed kind of whisper similar to the way my grandmothers generation spoke of "the Cancer"

I guess they are looking for something to say. The frailty and honesty of the entire situation leaves people uncomfortable and shaky. I get it. kind of.
I have the tendency to shoot from the hip much the same way my Sammy does. It comes out of my mouth well before I even realize how inappropriate it sounds. I don't mean to be rude but I often end up apologizing for something I have said. So I get it. I never MEAN to hurt anyone but I do.

The next thing I get is always the question of super ability, you know like in Rain Man. drives me nutty. Nope Sorry the only super human qualities Sammy possesses are Light speed snack eating, superhuman hulk smash strength and sleepless power.
Light speed Snack eating ~ able to consume large quantities of candy,chips or pretzels the second you turn around.
Superhuman Hulk Smash Strength ~ able to break windows , pans trees and doors at the mere mention of the word no!
Sleepless power ~ the ability to get up at the crack of dawn on non-school days, and if no one notices the ability to stay up until 1am or later like it's nothing. He is then able to function on subsequent weekends and holidays with more vim and vigor than a spring rabbit. Unless of course we are trying to get ready for school or church then his belly hurts, he feels yucky and can't possibly go!

So go over and check out the list I gave you ^ ^ ^ up there. let me know what you think