Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Damn it 11 days and then today he fell apart. damn it all. I knew it was coming, he woke up on the edge and as a result I'm edgy as well now.

I wanted to share something with you guys! Some of you may know about it, and others may not but it's freaking cool.

How many times have we special parents of special kids been in a group and the conversation turns to how amazing their kids are. I don't know about you, but when they start talking about how Little Sarah got into the advanced classes, skipped a grade, cured athletes foot and wrote her thesis on the benefit of play dough I am the first to walk away from the conversation. Sammy still eats play dough for goodness sake and goes to school without underpants. really. Yeah.

We parent's of kids like Sam have a hard time sharing our children's accomplishments with the general public because... well they simply don't understand why my 7 year old getting his shoes on  with just a little help is such a big deal. It's frustrating and isolating and sometimes really lonely.
Well check out this!


ok so take a few and hop over there. Check that out ^ stellar right?

The bonus is it isn't just for special kids like Sammy but for all kids that arent perfect. So many wonderful voices over there. Go on over and check it out. They are on Facebook too so make sure you head over and like them there too. you know you want to