Monday, April 9, 2012

Suit Yourself ~ My Heart Monday

Spiffy. Yes that is the word he used to describe the outfit I gave him for Easter Sunday.

I stood in the store in tears looking at that outfit for a few moments. Thinking only to myself how deperatly I wanted to dress him up for a holiday. How badly I wished my family could just once go out and be above the chaos. I wanted to be able to go to church without the fight and without pajamas. I didn't want to spend the money if he wouldn't wear it. I really didn't think he would.

Thank you Wonder Hubby. Thank you for stepping in and believing our boy could do it. To most parents it seems like a given, holiday = dress up. Not here, and I am sure not for most families like us. Sammy saw the outfit and put it on. I was being so careful not to get my hopes up. Even if he got it on doesn't mean it would stay on. In fact if one thing bugged him he wouldn't wear it at all.

We kept the tags on. Just in case.

He put it on with daddy's help. He even combed his hair. he came into the room for me to see and I was speechless. He posed for a picture. Wonder Hubby asked him

 "Sammy where did you learn to pose like that?"
Sammy's response ~"Napoleon Dynamite"

 The tears, the hope, the dream of just feeling like everyone else for just a little while was standing in front of me. I don't know why this was such a big deal to me. It shouldn't matter, but, it does. After all these years, it still matters. I held my breath on Sunday for the shoe to fall, for it to swing back and hit me in the face.
It was nothing Short of magical. Thank you Lord for the reprieve. It went by fast but it was a very good day yesterday.

This just reminds me that I can't assume. I can't get stuck on what Sammy doesnt do yet. I need to make sure I give him the same options the other kids get and stop jumping the gun. He may have autism, He may really struggle,but he is still an incredible 7 year old boy.