Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Frustrated and Angry

Has the world forgotten that children are people too. Our kids are people and just as important as those bigger people around them. Have we all forgotten that we were children once too?
Each day I  read through posts of children that are being hurt, abused, abandoned and killed by people that should be caring for them.

This makes me ill. This child is helpless. When will people understand that no verbal does not mean non thinking?  What were these teachers thinking? There is no excuse for this in any way


Then there is this post from Jess over at Diary of a Mom at the Huffington Post about parents killing their autistic children. I understand the stress. I understand the sadness, the uncertainty. I know these kids are awesome I know these kids are incredible. I wish everyone understood it.

and then this weekend at BJ's Wholesale Club in Dartmouth MA. A manager pushed my son Sammy to brush passed him without a word. She pretended like he wasn't even there. He is a person too. I am quiet certain that if it had been an adult, this wouldn't have ever happened.

These children are not throw a ways. Our children are not garbage to be treated like this Our children do not deserve this...
No One Does