Thursday, April 26, 2012

Second Chances

You all know how heartbreaking it was when our dog hurt our little girl. I have been slowly working through all of this in my head for over a month now and I have made some major discoveries. The bottom line is the dog, our sweet Chance, is not aggressive.

We talked to the original shelter and found out that Chance is 5 years old and a Labrador/Fox Hound mix.

We started training with him 2 weeks ago with RICK from SOUTH COAST CANINE we just love his thinking and he has great people skills as well as dog skills. Since beginning training we have a completely different dog. He is no longer jumpy or skittish. He follows commands very well. He stopped pulling on the leash when we walk. He heels, sits, stays, comes and goes to his kennel. We set up a gate across the playroom so Chance and Grace are never alone in the same room together. He eats in his kennel just to be safe even though he really doesn't show any food aggression. He no longer gets rawhide treats. Grace isn't scared unless he barks. He can sing and that doesn't seem to phase her . Oh the joy of hound type dogs.

This was tonight. Dan was putting Sammy to bed and in true Dan fashion fell asleep too (so much for watching the new Footloose) Chance snuggled up beside them. Sammy really is that dog's person it seems. Chance loves that boy in a way I have never seen. He tattles on him when he sneaks out of bed. He keeps him from leaving the yard. He sits beside him when he melts down.

So tonight as I watched them for a moment I thank God for all the second chances in our lives. Without them, things would be so different.
I am quiet certain that Chance is glad to have another chance too...