Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a Land Far Far Away

I would love to move somewhere warm. I really don't love being in Massachusetts. it snows here and I get so anxious driving in it. I want to go south, but a lot of the research I am finding says that the further south we get the less services Sam will get and the more fight we will get. I know that isn't quite true for all kids south of the Mason Dixon Line but it seems to be true for a lot of autistic kids. I have heard about a great program in Florida but I Sammy seems to be ahead of that game right now.

I think the issue has a lot to do with kids like Sammy and the fact that they "look normal". I always have well meaning people say that to me and it makes me mad. Just because he looks like every other kid (although way cuter than most) doesn't mean he is. It also doesn't mean he doesn't have the same feelings and emotions that the other kids do.

My point being, I want to move South. I want to move WARM and I can't, just like I can never die (EVER) or  have a day off. It's one more way that autism has changed our world. I can't just up and move to any place with a good school. I can't just choose to home school him as I would the other kids. I know he would still learn if I did, but forgive me I do need that break.

winter snow
I want to move, but don't know where to start. Where are your special ed programs for autistic kids? What is good/bad about them. Help me find an option in warmer weather. PLEASE, my toes are cold!