Friday, April 27, 2012


Sometimes in my house it's quiet and peaceful. When everyone sleeps in their beds snuggled in beside their pillows and stuffies. Sometimes in my house ,if I close my eyes real tight, I feel like everything is perfect and wonderful.

Sometimes I look around and feel nothing more than overwhelming joy that I am so blessed with all that I have. Sometimes I even get a cup of hot coffee all to myself. Sometimes I get to finish it while it is still hot.

Sometimes I look at the clothes to wash and dishes to do and it makes me cry. Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with where I am in my head that I can hardly take another breath.

Sometimes I struggle with balance and being a good mom. I struggle with understanding when certain things shouldn't matter. Sometimes the messy bedroom, dirty dishes, and forgotten home work have to be swept under the rug and forgotten for the day. Sometimes they scream my name as I walk out the door with my sunblock in hand as we head to the park. Sometimes I get to the park and feel guilty.

Sometimes I just feel so grateful that I am so very blessed and happy. sometimes I look at my husband and I see the person he was before we embarked on this incredible, hectic, intense life of ours. Sometimes I remember how young we use to be.

Sometimes in my house it's just quiet, just the way I wished it would be a few hours before when everyone was talking or screaming or crying or yelling. Sometimes, when it is that quiet I get lonely. I sneak over to the little ones and snuggle beside them. I kiss they foreheads and nuzzle their ears. I say prayers over them and inhale the scent of them.

Sometimes in my house and it's just quiet and really bothers me