Saturday, April 7, 2012

I knew it

Sammy has been amazing the past few days. Homework was done without a fight,he earned 2 full light sabers in a row. He went to bed with no fight,he stayed asleep 2 nights in a row in his bed without changing jammies. He got dressed for school and did not argue. He completed his video game time without tears. He has been amazingly awesome the past 3 days. I told my mom "mark my words ,he is getting sick"

Last night he took his bath and went strait to bed. At 3 am he wakes up and comes in my room. Grabs my hands and places them against his chest. His little heart was flying so fast. He was panicked. He felt like he was going to throw up and it was making his heart pound,which made him scared,which made it worse. Daniel and I spent the night comforting him. He never did throw up,it only lasted until 6 am. Coincidentally the same time about that Grace was wide awake refusing to sleep at all. She was dancing on the bed at one point giggling.

Just like that, Sammy felt better. How do I know? He punched his brother in the back. So much for being sick and mellow.