Friday, April 6, 2012

Faster than the speed of Autism

I am aging faster and faster these days. I swear I am only 34 but having a 17 year old makes you feel older, add to that a child with autism and I am not aging as gracefully as I would like. Perhaps its the lack of sleep, perhaps the stress, perhaps it's just not enough martinis? Who knows! I even quit smoking before I got pregnant with Sammy. Oh some days how I wish I hadn't quit, I need a vice and Hostess orange cuppies are not the best one to have (that obsession is waning thank goodness) but they are fun to eat obsessively.

1. the edge of the frosting that dripped
2. then peal off the orange plastic...I mean frosting
3. split the sponge(cake) into two
4. suck out the glue...I mean filling.
5. eat the bottom then the top of the sponge
6. then nibble the frosting until nothing is left but the white squiggle.
7. eat the squiggle and leave last bite.

yes... I know obsessive but it's how I roll and if I keep eating them I will roll for sure. The crap and additives in them are a big no-no in my house and if my kids knew I was eating them they would for sure string me up and treat me like a pinata.
ok well maybe not that bad.

I have begun to obsess over jelly beans. I found all natural jelly beans at the health food store and I can't get enough. Surf Sweets...yummy

Back to my point. I am aging faster than the speed of sound and I can't just blame autism. I do suspect that the sheer stress of having such a large family is probably part of the real issue, and adding autism to that doesn't help. Picture a swarm of angry bees only made angrier by say a leaf blower. yeah... that's my life.  I think in the last 7 years I have aged 14 but the last four  years has been more like a decade.So pardon me while I go drown my sorrows in jelly beans  since I am out of orange cuppies right now.

Dan and I before Sammy
After Sammy but before Sammy was diagnosed 

this summer at "ponytail's wedding"