Thursday, April 5, 2012

Light it Up Blue People

So everyone in the community is talking about Light it up Blue. Our local school did (though with itty bitty blue year flood lights!) my house has been blue for weeks and I will keep it that way. The world may see April as Autism awareness month but every day here is. I wake up being aware and I fall asleep (sometimes not for very long) being aware. So for that reason my house will remain blue from this point on.

This year I chose to do something a little... shall we say different. I have this awesome gray streak in my hair. It's 100% natural and it just happens to be the way my gray has come in. see ^ totally awesome yes? Well, it's just kind of my signature. My mom's gray came in the same way, except back then the pinwheel bangs were in style. My mom ended up looking like a snowball in front. Kinda Neat. I like to think the gray streak looks more like Rouge the super hero chick just less hott and more mommy-ish. Even though I do think some days I may just be a super hero.

So anyway, of course I digress. It's semi quiet here and I may have just drifted into nap land (hey gotta take them where they come right?) Of course the sound of wailing from the other room brings me right back to reality. Pardon me while I go peal my 4 year old off the light fixture!

Seriously though I went ahead and took light it up blue pretty darn serious. My hair (well my gray really) is now blue. yup I am a blue haired old lady in a quiet little town. Nice huh. Ohhh boy are people going to talk. *smile* isn't that the idea?