Wednesday, February 8, 2012

statistics, stress, hope, and inspiration

I don't FEEL like writing today. I don't want to, but I will anyway.

The stress of having a child with special needs is supposed to increase the risk of divorce. So many studies now say that the 80% divorce rate is just bunk and nothing more than fear and poorly preformed studies. Regardless of the outcome of studies, percentages, or figures one thing is absolutely true. Parents of kids with special needs, multiples, and medically fragile or sick kids have more stress. It's not a pissing contest, it's just fact. that added stress makes already difficult dynamics of raising children like navigating a war zone. Blow-ups happen, it's like a blister that is bound to pop and ooze. No one can do it all the time and every so often, people loose control.

What happens after those moments is what makes or breaks things. Decisions and kind words go a long way. Sometimes, an outsider may be necessary to facilitate the healing needed for the family unit. One person can't do it all in even the best of circumstances, 2 people can even when it's hard.

So how do you handle the stress of having a child who just needs MORE? How do you let go? Do you Ever have meltdowns? What do you say or do for your loved ones, when you go too far? Is I am Sorry enough?

I know I can be a loose cannon some days. I don't imagine I am very easy to live with, but I try really hard to get it all right. I am learning to let go. I am learning to trust in the Lord for my mental health. I am getting help. Reading, knitting, and exercise all seem to help me feel better. I also love to bake, and sometimes I just write. Music and prayer and deep meditation help me so much but peace is often hard to come by in a house with 5 kids.

I'll leave with you with this thought... we were MADE to be COURAGEOUS... are you?