Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I am Grateful

Top Ten Tuesday


                                                                  I AM GRATEFUL

 1. I am grateful for my house and all the wonderful space it provides us. It is a place I can sit back relax and call my own. A space that is like a castle, where no idiots can get inside. It's a great place to cuddle up and enjoy the sunshine.

2. I can cook. I love to cook. I am really good at it. I do it intuitively most of the time. I will read a recipe and mess with it.

3. I love our dog. He calms all of us, loves to be loved, and likes to snuggle. He is so patient and loving. He defends us against the perils of blankets
and sitting alone.

4. There is food in my house to eat. I can make almost anything and no one complains.

5. I have an amazing belief and faith in God. Without it I would not be able to get out of bed in the morning.  I can only praise HIM for my sanity and ability to keep doing this!

6. My children. Every one of them is truly a blessing. Every moment of every day at least one of them makes me smile, sigh in relief, or laugh out loud.

7. Sammy tells me he loves me ...like a banana! One of the few things I asked God for when Sammy was diagnosed with autism is that I wanted to hear I love you from him. Not just the words but as if he truly ment it. I wanted those words to come from his heart and not just a wrote phrase that makes mommy happy. there are still times he says it as though it means nothing, but when he says
 "I love you...LIKE AN BANANA" 
 I know then he really does.

8. My husband. He is a blessing. We all have our moments and I am not an easy person to live with. He takes it all in stride and just loves my total crazy. He holds my hand when I am scared, rubs my back when I'm tired and holds my hair when I puke. If that isn't love then what is? 

9. My Friends and family. I am so blessed with an amazing faith community. People like Michelle over at Normal Chaos,Who just rocks my socks. She is one of those people you know you can always go to. Linda, Mary, Elizabeth, Sue, Beth, and  our entire group over at SFX. I wish I could name them all but I know I would forget some. Bob and Michelle have been an inspiration to us as well they are the ones I go to when I need the right answer. Not just the world's answer but HIS answer. Bob has an enormous amount of theological knowledge, it would make you head spin. People like Caroline who have encouraged me to try now things and has been a great support. My mom who brings me bagels and watches the boys when I need her. My dad who loves me to death. My father that I have begun to renew my relationship with.  My MMIL who loves me even if I am a little overbearing,opinionated and pissy sometimes and she never minds that my house is a mess.

10. My online friends. I know it sounds crazy and maybe silly to some of you but my other blogger friends are a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, perspective,humor and love. People like Evin at Food Good Laundry badMissZ (who also takes great pics of my girl) all of my MDC spring moms,Ellen at Love that MaxJess at Diary of a Mom just to name a few of the people I check out a bunch